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Mickey & Ann's Farmette

Location: 35302 Seacock Chapel Road 
  Zuni VA  23898
Contact: Ann Rosenfeld
Phone: 757 334-0910
Products: Naturally raised, free-range chickens and muscovy ducks, pastured lambs and woodland-raised heritage turkeys

Activities & Events: Our Farmette uses no pesticides or herbicides on our produce which are all non-GMO. Our livestock are naturally raised, free-range chickens and mscovy ducks, pastured lambs and woodland raised heritage turkeys with no chemicals or hormones fed only non-GMO supplements. We sell our eggs, produce, meats- chicken, turkey, duck and lamb. Our land is farmed with sustainable practices and very diversified. CSAs are available as well as email your orders or Facebook.

Mickey & Ann's Farmette

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